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Reviewing openSUSE 12.3 Milestone 2

It is almost as week since I downloaded 12.3M2, so now it is time for a review.

Ignoring the few warts for a moment, my overall impression is positive.  When booting the install media, I first saw the new Plymouth splash.  It is interesting, better than the bland splash animation that we saw with 12.2, but I’m inclined to say that it is nothing to write home about.  But then I’m not a graphic designer, so I’m in no position to criticize.

With the exception of the crypto problems, mentioned in an earlier post, the install went very smoothly.  The bug report on those crypto problems has already been flagged as “resolved”, so I expect the final release of 12.3 to install smoothly.

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Singing the plymouth blues

Plymouth is software that some linux systems use to provide the splash screen during bootup.  It was present, and causing problems, with opensuse 12.2 beta1.  And now it is causing different problems with 12.2 beta2.  This post will describe the problems that I have seen.

Note that, apart from these plymouth woes, once 12.2 beta2 is up and running most things seem to be working well.  There have been reports of a Yast bug.  I have not personally run into that (yet), though others have. Read More…