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Akregator notes

In past posts about akregator (the RSS reader for KDE), I have noted that it loses count of the unread articles, and gets maybe one or two off.

Since installing opensuse 13.1, I had a run of several weeks with the count being correct.  But then, around 1 week ago, I began to have problems with counting once again.  The way this happened gave me a little insight.

What changed?

I noticed a couple of new articles that were 9 months old (from February 2013).  That surprised me.  So I checked the akregator settings.  It turned out that I had archive settings configured to keep all articles.

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Notes on liferea

I have previously reviewed liferea (here and here), the gtk based rss feed reader for linux.  There is now a post at the liferea blog, suggesting that the tray icon does not work in KDE:

However, I am not seeing that problem.  Right now, I can see the tray icon for liferea 1.8.14, while I am running KDE 4.10.5 (under opensuse 12.3).  On another computer, I can see the tray icon for liferea 1.10.2 under KDE 4.11.2 (using opensuse 13.1 RC1).

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Notes on akregator, konqueror, rekonq

I have mentioned akregator, konqueror and rekonq in earlier posts.  This will be a brief update.


Two things that I criticized about akregator, were that it crashed too often and that it lost count of the number of unread items.

On the count issue, things are better.  While it still loses count from time to time, it is happening less often with version 4.10.5 (part of KDE 4.10.5).  Previously it was likely to lose count an average of at least once per day.  Right now, I notice that I have been running akregator continuously for 3 days with no loss of count and no crashing.

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Geotagging – should I, or shouldn’t I?

For the present, I have turned on geotagging for this blog.  I’m not sure whether that is a bad idea; opinions welcome.

The geotagging is supposed to add location (latitude, longitude) to post headers.  I have not been attempting to hide where I reside, so I was not too concerned about the privacy issue.  On the other hand, I am  not sure that it makes much sense, since what I post is not location-sensitive.

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Notes on RSS readers

A few notes based on my experience using akregator and liferea.

A feed that doesn’t work

Here’s a feed that I attempted to add to akregator:


It is the comment feed for The Skeptical Zone.  When I added it, akregator fetched several recent messages.  However, it seems to never refresh, never fetch any additional messages.  I am not sure why; perhaps it is mishandling the ‘?’ character.  I have reported this to the KDE bug report site.

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Blogging and RSS

In my last post, I described how I use akregator to follow blogs.  One of things that I have noticed is that some blogs provide a full copy of new posts in their RSS feed, while some provide only a summary.  Here, I want to discuss how that affects me.

I’ll note that WordPress has a setting for this blog (under “Reading Settings”) where I can specify whether I want to provide the full text of a post or just a summary.  The default was to provide the full text, and I have left it that way.

My overall conclusion, which I will discuss below, is that it is preferable to provide a full feed.  I’ll note that others have reached the same conclusion, as for example here: Read More…

How I use akregator

A while ago, I posted a review of akregator.  That was about one week after I had started experimenting with it.  By now, I have been using it steadily for a while, so I thought it might be useful for me to describe how I use it.

Feeds that I follow

I am primarily using akregator to follow blog posts.  I follow a few non-blog sites, such as distrowatch and the opensuse security announcements.  I do not follow normal news sites, as I prefer to listen to news reports on the radio (mostly NPR), and to browse a few online news site and pick out reports of particular interest.

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Comparing akregator and liferea (rss readers)

I have previously reviewed both akregator and liferea. In this post, I want to compare the two rss reader applications.

For reference, here are the links to the two reviews:

I’ll note that each of those reviews contains an image of the main screen for the particular application.  You might find it useful to refer back to those review. Read More…

Reviewing liferea

I recently reviewed akregator, the RSS reader that is part of KDE.  So I thought I would also tryout liferea (or linux feed reader), which is a Gnome based rss reader.  Although it is designed for a Gnome environment, I tested liferea while still running KDE.

I plan to compare akregator and liferea is a future post.  For now, I’ll just describe liferea and how I used it during my tests. Read More…

Reviewing akregator

I decided to try akregator.  This post reports my experience with it, after a few days of use.  Akregator is an RSS aggregator for KDE.  It supports both RSS and atom feed formats.

I follow several blogs, and had been following them with my web browser.  And that requires periodic checking of the blog, to see if there is a new post.  The idea of an RSS aggregator, is to offload the checking task to software, thus freeing up some of my time. Read More…