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How to use rcs – a tutorial

In an earlier post, I introduced “rcs” and indicated that I intended to provide a tutorial on how to use the package of commands.  This post will be that tutorial.  I shall explain how to use it for the kind of simple use an individual linux user might have.  I shall illustrate that with a shell script.

Hello world

Our simple shell script will be to display the string “Hello world” with a few later modifications.  And we shall be using the “rcs” package of commands to keep track of the modifications.

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On “rcs” and related commands

The “rcs” package is a bunch of commands to be used at the terminal (or in an xterm window).  I find them useful, and perhaps you will, too, particularly if you sometimes work at the command line.  The rcs commands are used for tracking different versions of a text file or of a collection of files.

This will be an introduction, describing what they do.  In a future post, I will go through the details of how to use these commands.  And, following that, I may provide an additional post on how I use them to keep track of my own modifications to system configuration settings. Read More…