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Linux rescues

It’s been several years since I last described a linux rescue in my earlier post “Rescuing Susie“.  And, by now, that’s a little outdated.  In today’s post, I’ll go over the basic principles of rescuing a linux system.

I’ll be describing what works with opensuse.  But I have also used this method with Ubuntu and with Debian.

Simple fixes

Simple problems can often be fixed by booting any live linux media.  Typically, you boot the live system, then open a root shell.  From there, you can mount a partition and use a text editor to adjust configuration files.

Sometimes it is possible to use an alternative method of booting into your system.  For example, I dealt with a recent problem by booting another linux system also installed on my disk.  I then modified the boot menu of that bootable system so that I could use it to boot into the system being repaired.  That’s always easier than a full rescue. Read More…