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Opensuse 12.3 Milestone 1

Opensuse 12.3 Milestone 1 was released on Thursday (Nov 8, 2012), so it was not long before I downloaded the DVD image and attempted an install.  I actually downloaded both the 64bit DVD image and the 64bit live KDE image.  The download went smoothly.  I used “aria2c” from the command line, to download the meta-link provided.  There did not appear to be a gpg signature to verify the download, so I made do by verifying the sha256 checksum.

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Tracking configuration changes with rcs

After installing linux, I usually make a few configuration changes to adapt the system to the way that I wish to use it.  Those changes are often to configuration files in “/etc” or in a subdirectory of  “/etc”.  I have previously mentioned that I use “rcs” to keep track of those changes.  Now that I have discussed how to use “rcs” it is time to give more detail.

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How to use rcs – a tutorial

In an earlier post, I introduced “rcs” and indicated that I intended to provide a tutorial on how to use the package of commands.  This post will be that tutorial.  I shall explain how to use it for the kind of simple use an individual linux user might have.  I shall illustrate that with a shell script.

Hello world

Our simple shell script will be to display the string “Hello world” with a few later modifications.  And we shall be using the “rcs” package of commands to keep track of the modifications.

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