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Mint 17 KDE – a review

As anticipated Mint 17 “Qiana” was released not too  long after the Ubuntu 14.04 on which it is based.  I waited a little longer, because I wanted to try the KDE version.  When I last tried Mint, it was the Mate version.  But that was a while ago.  I primarily use KDE, so that seemed to be the appropriate version for me to test.

The download was of a live DVD image, which contained the installer.  Downloading was simple enough.  I then checked with the MD5 and SHA256 hashes.  I could not find a gpg signature to check.


As preparation for booting, I copied the image to a USB.  In my case, I used the command

dd_rescue linuxmint-17-kde-dvd-64bit.iso /dev/sdd

from my opensuse system.

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Using ecryptfs with opensuse 12.3

I have been using ecryptfs with the early milestone releases, the beta releases, the release candidates and the final release of 12.3.  It has worked very well.  The only problem I have seen, is that some of the ecryptfs utilities do not properly load the ecryptfs module.  I have rarely encountered this problem, though it can occasionally arise.

Installing ecryptfs

All it takes to make ecryptfs available on your system, is to install “ecryptfs-utils”.  I did that with Yast software management, though it could also be done with zypper (at a root command line) or with Apper.

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Using ecryptfs with opensuse 12.2

[Update: it appears that the ecryptfs kernel module may need to be loaded before you can setup a private directory.  See the comments below, particularly my reply with time stamp of “2012/09/10 at 22:16”.]

It has been a while since I first posted on ecryptfs, and there have been some changes (improvements) with opensuse 12.2.  My earlier post was about my experimenting.  Some time in the near future, I will do a more complete post about ecryptfs.  For now, this will be specific to using it with opensuse 12.2, and about what has changed since that earlier post.

What has mainly changed, is that opensuse support for ecryptfs has improved.  It still does not quite work “out of the box,” but it is closer. Read More…

Experimenting with ecryptfs

Since I last blogged about encryption, I have made a few changes in how I do things.  I’ll give an overall summary and recommendations at some time in the future.

The weakest point in my encryption strategy was with my desktop computer at work.  I set that up only for encrypted swap.  The reason is that I leave that running at all times, and expect to be able to access it remotely from home and elsewhere.  If there’s a power interruption when I am not present, it needs to be able to boot unattended.  And if I encrypt the “/home” file system, then that won’t work very well.  The boot would hang at the point where it was asking for the encryption key.  So my choice was to go without an encrypted “/home”, but be cautious about storing anything sensitive on that computer, unless in an encrypted file. Read More…