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Using an encrypted LVM for linux

I first posted on the use of an encrypted LVM in almost one year ago, in a post at my other blog.  There, I suggested that it was reasonably easy to setup.  And it was in my first test using an older machine.  I have since switched to using an encrypted LVM on a newer laptop and on my desktop.  And it turned out to be harder than I had anticipated.

In this post, I’ll discuss the difficulties that I had, and how I managed to get around them.  But first a little background. Read More…

Encryption practices

In this post, I shall indicate how I have used encryption, and my experience with that use.


My first serious use of encryption, was with ssh.  This was back when many LANs were still using 10 mb/s ethernet, with an ethernet hub.  Everything sent on the network was potentially visible to other computers connected through the same hub.  Back in those days, it was common for hackers to break into unix systems and set the network interface to promiscuous mode.  Then they would log all packets seen on the LAN, allowing them to pickup passwords used on other computers, not just the ones they had hacked into. Read More…

Network manager – it keeps getting worse

Warning:  This is a report on unreleased software.  The final released version might be free of the problems mentioned.

I have been testing opensuse 12.2, milestone 1.  I noticed that it had a newer NetworkManager version (version 0.9.2), so I decided to give that a test.  However, the KDE client was still 0.9.1 (same as in opensuse 12.1), so I decided to install Gnome and try the gnome client. Read More…

Experimenting with icewm

I decided to give icewm a good test.  So, several days ago I selected icewm from the kdm login screen, and I used it for a little over 3 days.  This post describes my experiences.

The first thing to note, is that I am running openSUSE 12.1 on my desktop system.  A default install of openSUSE includes the “lite” version of icewm.  However, I installed the more complete version with support for panels.  Yast software manager shows that what I have installed is: Read More…