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Debian 8.0 “Jessie” — a review

I noticed a report on the release of Debian 8 at DistroWatch.  I’ve tried a number of linux distros in the past, but never Debian.  So I decided to give it a try.


The Debian site suggested the first DVD in their series.  So I downloaded “debian-8.0.0-amd64-DVD-1.iso”.  I normally prefer to use a meta-link for downloading.  But I could not find one for the Debian iso, so I used a torrent link instead.  Clicking on that link, my browser offered to use “ktorrent”.  And that worked out pretty well.  The download speed came close to the max that my ISP provides.  After the download was complete, “ktorrent” continued to upload to other torrent users.  The upload speed was never more than around 10% of my ISP upload max speed.

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Notes on liferea

I have previously reviewed liferea (here and here), the gtk based rss feed reader for linux.  There is now a post at the liferea blog, suggesting that the tray icon does not work in KDE:

However, I am not seeing that problem.  Right now, I can see the tray icon for liferea 1.8.14, while I am running KDE 4.10.5 (under opensuse 12.3).  On another computer, I can see the tray icon for liferea 1.10.2 under KDE 4.11.2 (using opensuse 13.1 RC1).

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Notes on KDE and Gnome

A few days ago, KDE was updated to version 4.10.2 on opensuse 12.3.  And yesterday, Tumbleweed (which I have on one computer) updated Gnome to version 3.8.  So here are a few notes on those desktop environments.

KDE 4.10.2

I’ll start with KDE.  This is the desktop that I mainly use.

Not much has changed.  With a few minor exceptions, everything seems to be as before (when I was running 4.10.00).

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32-bit computing – the end of an era

We appear to be approaching the end of 32-bit computing.  Much of the newer hardware uses 64-bit processors, with a 32-bit compatibility mode.  However, support for 32-bit computing is on the wane.

I was reminded of this change this morning, when I updated my opensuse 12.3 systems.  The update brought KDE to version 4.10.2.  And on my one 32-bit system, I discovered that KDE activities have been crippled.  The full activity capability is still there for 64-bit systems.

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Some oddities with KDE activities

I have been using activities in KDE for a little while now, as reported in an earlier post.  In this message, I will mention a few oddities that I have noticed.  I am  not calling these bugs.  They are, I suppose, surprises, ways that things behave that are not quite what I would have anticipated.  But they do not cause me serious difficulties.

I am typically using two activities.  For the purposes of this post, I shall call them “Activity A” and “Activity B”.  When I first login, I see Activity A showing on my desktop.  Using the scroll wheel on empty desktop space takes me to Activity B.  SuperKey+Tab also switches activities, where SuperKey is the key with the MS Windows flag. Read More…

Using KDE activities

If you are using KDE, then you might have heard of activities.  And, possibly, you have been avoiding them.  That, at least, describes my situation until recently.  Well, it almost describes my situation.

Some personal history

I started using KDE4 soon after I had installed opensuse 11.3, when I sensed that Gnome was heading in an unwelcome direction.  As best I recall, at that time KDE was at version 4.4.4.  And I started using it without paying attention to activities.  I had configured my session to have 4 desktops, which I could switch between.  And I found out, probably from a forum thread, that in order to have different backgrounds on each of the desktops, I would need to use activities.

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