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Testing KaOS-2015.04

I saw the announcement of a new KaOS release (at Distrowatch), so I decided to give it a try.  What I liked, from the announcement, was that it came with Plasma 5.295, which is a release candidate for Plasma 5.3.  That’s newer than what is in opensuse Tumbleweed, so I wanted to try it out.


Downloading was straightforward enough.  I snagged the download link, and then used “wget”.  Download took around 30 minutes for a 1.5G iso file.  Sourceforge was a bit slow, but I had other things to do during the download, so not a problem.

I also checked the md5 hash, which showed I had a good download (I hope).  The md5 file was on the KaOS site rather than on sourceforge.  That’s good.  That makes it harder for a hacker to break into a site, add malware, then change the md5 file to match.

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