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Graphic login managers

My opensuse install includes several graphic login managers, so I decided to try them all out.  This post will report my experience with them.  In particular, I will be discussing:

  • kdm – this is installed as part of the KDE pattern;
  • gdm – this is installed when you install Gnome;
  • lightdm – this appears to come with XFCE;
  • lxdm – the login manager for LXDE
  • xdm – a standard and tradition part of a basic Xwindows install.

During testing of 13.1 pre-release versions, I also installed enlightenment.  Apparently, that comes with “entrance” as a login manager.  But I do not currently have that installed, so I did not test it.  My experience with enlightenment was unenlightening.

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Experimenting with icewm

I decided to give icewm a good test.  So, several days ago I selected icewm from the kdm login screen, and I used it for a little over 3 days.  This post describes my experiences.

The first thing to note, is that I am running openSUSE 12.1 on my desktop system.  A default install of openSUSE includes the “lite” version of icewm.  However, I installed the more complete version with support for panels.  Yast software manager shows that what I have installed is: Read More…