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Fedora 22

Last week, there was an announcement for Fedora 22.  So I decided to take a look.  I’ll note that I have only tested the KDE-live version.  I have not attempted an install.

The Fedora site

From the announcement on distrowatch, I visited the Fedora project home page.  There, I found lots of marketing hype but very little useful information.  The home page mentions a server version, a workstation version and a cloud version.  But I did not find a clear description of what is in those version and what distinguishes them.

Or, in simpler terms, the Fedora website sucks.


In previous experimenting with Fedora, I have found that installing from the DVD installer gives a better running system than installing from live media.  So I tried to find an install DVD.

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Notes on fedora 18

As I noted in my earlier review, I did not particularly like Fedora 18.  But, now that it is installed, I have been using it from time to time.  So here are a few comments on what I have noticed.


I am surprised at the frequency of updates.  I suppose that I should not have been surprised, as Fedora has a reputation for this.  When I booted Fedora 18 on Tuesday, there were 85 new updates waiting.  Then, only three days later, there were an additional 28 updates.

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Adios Fedora

As suggested in my preliminary report, I have now installed Fedora 18 for more thorough testing.  I won’t be doing that again any time soon.  I found this a very disappointing release.

My installation was on an older (2004 vintage) laptop with a 32 bit processor and around 1.2G of memory.  That’s a machine that I have relegated to use for testing.  Apart from being a tad slow by today’s standards, it actually does pretty well.  In any case, the limitations of the test machine are unrelated to why I did not like Fedora 18. Read More…

Fedora 18 – a preliminary look

While I mainly use opensuse, I have tried a number of other distros.  And one of those was Fedora.  I’m currently putting that as my first choice after opensuse, the distro I would switch to, if opensuse were to become unavailable.  Naturally, when Fedora 18 was released a little over a day ago, I decided that I should give it a try.

Note that this is a very preliminary report.  I have not yet installed Fedora 18, though I have booted the live KDE image on two different computer, so as to get a feel of it.  I will try to install within the next few weeks, and give a more complete review.

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Comparing Fedora and opensuse

I ran fedora 17 for a while on my test machine.  I have since replaced that with opensuse 12.2 Beta2.  Before my memory fades, here’s a comparison of fedora 17 and opensuse 12.2.  When installing fedora from the DVD image, I chose to install KDE, Gnome, LXDE and XFCE.  Those are the same choices that I make with opensuse.  Of course, I don’t really use all of those.  Mostly, I use KDE and experiment with the others.  On my test machine, I use XFCE because it is a little lighter in weight for the older slower hardware. Read More…

A look at Fedora 17

I had briefly tried Fedora 17 two weeks ago, but I cut that short so as to install the opensuse 12.2 Beta1 on my test machine.  With development of 12.2 now bogged down, I have reinstalled Fedora 17.  With the experience from the prior Fedora install, this mostly went well. Read More…