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IPv6 privacy extensions

As I have mentioned in recent posts, I am pretty new to having an IPv6 address so I am only now learning about some of its features and problems.  What I describe here is probably familiar to those who are already IPv6 connected.

One of those features — some people consider it a misfeature — is the privacy extensions.

Multiple addresses

After receiving IPv6 support from my ISP, and after restarting the network so as to access this support, I used the linux command:

# ifconfig -a

to list my IP addresses.  And that command showed that I had two IPv6 addresses.  One of those began with “fe80:” and was listed as “Scope:Link”.  It is intended for communication on the LAN.  I actually had that IPv6 address long before my ISP made IPv6 available.  Communication on the LAN does not depend on the ISP.

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Browser 2014 reviews – rekonq

In my introduction to this series of posts, I said that I would try out each reviewed browser for a day.  I have been testing “rekonq” for more than a week now.

It is almost a year since my previous review of “rekonq”.  And much has improved since that time.  In particular, there are improvements in private browsing, in tabbed browsing, in the use of bookmarks and in spell checking.  Oh, and it is more stable (crashes less often).

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How I use firefox

In my series of browser reviews, I indicated that I would later post about how I use firefox.  So it’s time for that report.  While I’m not doing anything especially unusual, this might indicate why I continue to prefer firefox.


I like to keep the number of extensions small.  But some extensions are important, and are a major reason for preferring firefox.  The main extensions that I use are “NoScript”, “Secure Login”, “Saved Password Editor” and “FlashBlock”.

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Comparing akregator and liferea (rss readers)

I have previously reviewed both akregator and liferea. In this post, I want to compare the two rss reader applications.

For reference, here are the links to the two reviews:

I’ll note that each of those reviews contains an image of the main screen for the particular application.  You might find it useful to refer back to those review. Read More…

Reviewing liferea

I recently reviewed akregator, the RSS reader that is part of KDE.  So I thought I would also tryout liferea (or linux feed reader), which is a Gnome based rss reader.  Although it is designed for a Gnome environment, I tested liferea while still running KDE.

I plan to compare akregator and liferea is a future post.  For now, I’ll just describe liferea and how I used it during my tests. Read More…

I have tried to like konqueror, but …

Over the last two weeks, I have spent some time using konqueror (the default web browser for KDE).  I have tried to like it.  I really have.  But it has too many problems for my liking.

I am still using it in conjunction with akregator.  So I still have konqueror set as my default browser, so that akregator will use it.  Is indicated in an earlier post, akregator is particularly well integrated with konqueror. Read More…

Reviewing akregator

I decided to try akregator.  This post reports my experience with it, after a few days of use.  Akregator is an RSS aggregator for KDE.  It supports both RSS and atom feed formats.

I follow several blogs, and had been following them with my web browser.  And that requires periodic checking of the blog, to see if there is a new post.  The idea of an RSS aggregator, is to offload the checking task to software, thus freeing up some of my time. Read More…