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Geotagging – should I, or shouldn’t I?

For the present, I have turned on geotagging for this blog.  I’m not sure whether that is a bad idea; opinions welcome.

The geotagging is supposed to add location (latitude, longitude) to post headers.  I have not been attempting to hide where I reside, so I was not too concerned about the privacy issue.  On the other hand, I am  not sure that it makes much sense, since what I post is not location-sensitive.

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Blogging and RSS

In my last post, I described how I use akregator to follow blogs.  One of things that I have noticed is that some blogs provide a full copy of new posts in their RSS feed, while some provide only a summary.  Here, I want to discuss how that affects me.

I’ll note that WordPress has a setting for this blog (under “Reading Settings”) where I can specify whether I want to provide the full text of a post or just a summary.  The default was to provide the full text, and I have left it that way.

My overall conclusion, which I will discuss below, is that it is preferable to provide a full feed.  I’ll note that others have reached the same conclusion, as for example here: Read More…