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OpenSUSE 13.2 Beta1 is available for testing

The beta1 release of 13.2 was made available yesterday.  Here’s the announcement:

and here’s the download page:

Yesterday, I downloaded and did a couple of installs.

Quick summary

My installs went pretty smoothly.  They are better than I have previously seen with beta releases.  Still, there were some install quirks and I’ll go through those below.

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Browser 2014 reviews — epiphany (Web)

I started seriously testing “epiphany” this morning, in preparation for writing this review.  But “epiphany” turned out to be so poor, that I cut my testing period short.  In my opinion, this browser is not suitable for prime time.

The name

I first came across “epiphany” several years ago.  I seem to recall that it was part of a standard install of SUSE 10.1.  I briefly tried it, but did not pay much attention.  I believe that it was based on Gecko (the mozilla engine) at that time.

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Akregator notes

In past posts about akregator (the RSS reader for KDE), I have noted that it loses count of the unread articles, and gets maybe one or two off.

Since installing opensuse 13.1, I had a run of several weeks with the count being correct.  But then, around 1 week ago, I began to have problems with counting once again.  The way this happened gave me a little insight.

What changed?

I noticed a couple of new articles that were 9 months old (from February 2013).  That surprised me.  So I checked the akregator settings.  It turned out that I had archive settings configured to keep all articles.

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Opensuse 13.1 after one week

It is now a little more than a week since 13.1 was released.  There are things that one only notices with sustained use.  So, here, I’ll mention some of what I have been noticing since switching my main desktop over to 13.1.


This one is really good news.  Konqueror has been running continuously for over three days, with nary a problem.  Previously, it was likely to crash after 12 hours or less, and sometimes it would crash when minimized.  It looks as if a long standing bug has finally been fixed.

Normally, I close and reopen the browser once per day, as a way of deleting session cookies (and thus reducing tracking).  But I’ve kept it open to see how long it lasts.  I will close it shortly after posting this.

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Notes on akregator, konqueror, rekonq

I have mentioned akregator, konqueror and rekonq in earlier posts.  This will be a brief update.


Two things that I criticized about akregator, were that it crashed too often and that it lost count of the number of unread items.

On the count issue, things are better.  While it still loses count from time to time, it is happening less often with version 4.10.5 (part of KDE 4.10.5).  Previously it was likely to lose count an average of at least once per day.  Right now, I notice that I have been running akregator continuously for 3 days with no loss of count and no crashing.

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Notes on KDE and Gnome

A few days ago, KDE was updated to version 4.10.2 on opensuse 12.3.  And yesterday, Tumbleweed (which I have on one computer) updated Gnome to version 3.8.  So here are a few notes on those desktop environments.

KDE 4.10.2

I’ll start with KDE.  This is the desktop that I mainly use.

Not much has changed.  With a few minor exceptions, everything seems to be as before (when I was running 4.10.00).

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Some oddities with KDE activities

I have been using activities in KDE for a little while now, as reported in an earlier post.  In this message, I will mention a few oddities that I have noticed.  I am  not calling these bugs.  They are, I suppose, surprises, ways that things behave that are not quite what I would have anticipated.  But they do not cause me serious difficulties.

I am typically using two activities.  For the purposes of this post, I shall call them “Activity A” and “Activity B”.  When I first login, I see Activity A showing on my desktop.  Using the scroll wheel on empty desktop space takes me to Activity B.  SuperKey+Tab also switches activities, where SuperKey is the key with the MS Windows flag. Read More…

Using KDE activities

If you are using KDE, then you might have heard of activities.  And, possibly, you have been avoiding them.  That, at least, describes my situation until recently.  Well, it almost describes my situation.

Some personal history

I started using KDE4 soon after I had installed opensuse 11.3, when I sensed that Gnome was heading in an unwelcome direction.  As best I recall, at that time KDE was at version 4.4.4.  And I started using it without paying attention to activities.  I had configured my session to have 4 desktops, which I could switch between.  And I found out, probably from a forum thread, that in order to have different backgrounds on each of the desktops, I would need to use activities.

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Notes on RSS readers

A few notes based on my experience using akregator and liferea.

A feed that doesn’t work

Here’s a feed that I attempted to add to akregator:


It is the comment feed for The Skeptical Zone.  When I added it, akregator fetched several recent messages.  However, it seems to never refresh, never fetch any additional messages.  I am not sure why; perhaps it is mishandling the ‘?’ character.  I have reported this to the KDE bug report site.

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Blogging and RSS

In my last post, I described how I use akregator to follow blogs.  One of things that I have noticed is that some blogs provide a full copy of new posts in their RSS feed, while some provide only a summary.  Here, I want to discuss how that affects me.

I’ll note that WordPress has a setting for this blog (under “Reading Settings”) where I can specify whether I want to provide the full text of a post or just a summary.  The default was to provide the full text, and I have left it that way.

My overall conclusion, which I will discuss below, is that it is preferable to provide a full feed.  I’ll note that others have reached the same conclusion, as for example here: Read More…