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Network manager – it keeps getting worse

Warning:  This is a report on unreleased software.  The final released version might be free of the problems mentioned.

I have been testing opensuse 12.2, milestone 1.  I noticed that it had a newer NetworkManager version (version 0.9.2), so I decided to give that a test.  However, the KDE client was still 0.9.1 (same as in opensuse 12.1), so I decided to install Gnome and try the gnome client. Read More…


That NetworkManager update on openSUSE 12.1

There was a recent update to NetworkManager, listing Bug  731812 as the problem being addressed.  I have tested the updated NetworkManager.  This post is a review of the result.  The specific problem addressed was the fact that NetworkManager was requiring the root password to make any changes.

The update was suppose to make it possible for a user to setup a private connection — a connection to be used by only that user — without requiring the root password.  And my tests show that it does achieve this goal, though not without other problems. Read More…

That dhclient bug

[update 1/19/2012:  The patch to fix this bug is now in the repos.  If you haven’t already installed that update, it will be there when you next do online updates.  My thanks to the opensuse team for their work on this.]

Opensuse 12.1 gives me a choice of two DHCP clients to use.  They are “dhcpcd” and “dhclient”.  The “dhclient” comes from ISC.

When you configure your network with “ifup” settings, the default is to use “dhcpcd”, though this can be changed to use “dhclient”.  If you are using NetworkManager, then it only uses dhclient.

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Setting up Network Manager 0.9 (Gnome edition)

Yesterday, I went through the setup for KDE.  Today, I will do the same for Gnome and other desktops that use the gnome applet (includes XFCE and LXDE).

Perhaps Gnome applet users should start by reading my post on the setup for KDE.  And then, having read it, they can sit back and gloat.  Setup is more straightforward with the gnome applet, and seems to be natural enough that most people would get it right without a guide.  The one annoyance, is that you will be prompted for the root password (as also happens with KDE).

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Network Manager 0.9 – a tutorial (KDE version)

This is intended as a guide for configuring WiFi networks with NetworkManager 0.9, which is the version that is in the openSUSE 12.1 Beta and is likely to be the version included in the 12.1 release (probably next month).  This post is mostly about configuring NM via the KDE applet.  I plan another post on using the gnome applet to configure NM.  It is possible to use the gnome applet with KDE, if you happen to prefer that.

This NM version is significantly different from earlier versions.  There are some things about it that are annoying, particularly the frequent demand for the root password.  I have already posted a gripe about that.  With the exception of that problem, the newer version is improved over earlier versions.

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Network Manager – Sigh!

NetworkManager is the linux software that manages WiFi connections.  And it has been a source of much frustration.

Back when I was running SuSE 10.1, NetworkManager worked pretty well for me.  Later, I upgraded to opensuse 11.0, and NetworkManager never did work properly for a network with hidden SSID.  When visiting relatives with a hidden SSID, I had little choice but to boot to Windows.  By the time that I upgraded to opensuse 11.3, NetworkManager was working well enough.  It still had problems with hidden SSIDs, though I happened to get it working for the particular network where I needed it.

I’m now running opensuse 11.4, and NetworkManager works pretty well.  The gnome applet does things just about the way I like.  The KDE applet still has a few problems.  When visiting relatives recently, I briefly logged into the XFCE desktop (which uses the gnome version of NetworkManager), and I setup WiFi as a system connection.  In that case, the connection is made before any login and works for all desktops.  I could then use KDE and access the network without problems.

The sigh in the title of this post is for what I am seeing in the opensuse 12.1 Beta.  Yes, NetworkManager does work, and I can connect to all of the networks that I use.  But it is such a pain to use.  There are problems with both the gnome version and the KDE version.

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