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The status of openSUSE Leap 15.2

I first posted about Leap 15.2 in August.  At that time, it was in alpha testing.  It is still in alpha testing, but there have been a few more releases.  It’s time for an update on the status.

The most recent release was two or three days ago.  It is running kernel 5.3.8, and it is mostly running pretty well.  I did experience some issues when using “lightdm” for logins.  With either “gdm” or “sddm”, everything seems to be fine.

As far as I know, the plans are for a release in May 2020.

KDE status

At present Leap 15.2 is running KDE Plasma 5.17.1.  This compares to Plasma 5.12.8 in Leap 15.1.  I have heard that the plans are to release with Plasma 5.18, although that does not yet exist.  The current QT version for 15.2 is 5.12.5, compared to Qt 5.9.7 for Leap 15.1.  And KDE Frameworks for 15.2 is currently at 5.63.0 (up from 5.55.0 in Leap 15.1).

At least on my test system, Plasma is running well under Wayland.  That’s actually in a virtual machine.  I have not yet tried to install Leap 15.2 on real hardware.  Previously (i.e. with Leap 15.1) you could use Wayland, but the Wayland support was incomplete.  With Leap 15.2, Wayland seems to be running well.

Gnome status

I rarely use Gnome, except for occasional testing.  So I won’t have much to say here.  Leap 15.2 is still runing Gnome 3.26.2, which is about the same as we are seeing with Leap 15.1.  I have seen hints that we might see a Gnome update to 3.34.  As far as I know, this will depend on whether SUSE SLE 15 is updated to 3.34.

That’s about all for now.  I will continue to test updated releases, and occasionally post about them.

Recent Tumbleweed installs

It’s a while since I last posted anything here.  I still do testing, including test installs.  But now that I am doing most of those in KVM virtual machines, it is so much easier that I wonder whether it is worth posting.

In this case, I think it is worth posting.  I have done several Tumbleweed installs over the last few days.

The first install

It all started with a post at openSUSE forums:

Now I normally do install from the DVD installation iso.  So I agree with the advice.  But it is supposed to be possible to install from the live media.  So I decided to test it out.

To test, I used the live KDE iso for the 20191030 Tumbleweed snapshot.  My test install was to a virtual machine, where I can install direct from the iso (the virtual machine can treat the iso like a DVD in the DVD reader).

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