OpenSUSE 42.3 was released on Wednesday

I’m a couple of days late to the party.  I had intended to post on Wednesday, but our refrigerator broke so I had more urgent concerns.

The release itself went quite smoothly.  I have not tried to install with the final installer.  But I have installed some of the pre-release versions.  And those went very well.  Most people seem to be installing without problems.

Leap 42.3 is only a relatively small change from 42.2.  It is still at Plasma 5 version 5.8.7.  As I recall, 42.2 was released as Plasma 5.8.2 or 5.8.3, and later updates brought it to 5.8.7.

The main change that I am seeing with the KDE desktop, is that now “konqueror” comes from Plasma 5, instead of being the Plasma 4 version.  However, “rekonq” is still from Plasma 4.  And “Amarok” is apparently from Plasma 4.

“Akregator” is now at that Plasma 5 version.  With 42.2, if you upgrade 42.1, you would have used the plasma 4 “akregator”.  If you instead had done a clean install of 42.2, you would have used the “akregator” from Plasma 5.  But with 42.3, there is now only the version from Plasma 5.

There is a new “drm-kmp-default”.  I’m not quite sure what it does.  However, there’s a bug report for it causing issues for some systems with Intel graphics.  I have uninstalled that package for now, as I was seeing weird interactions between unrelated programs.  Uninstalling seems to have solved the problems.  The bug is reported as fixed, but the patch to update it is not yet out.

Oh, there was a temporary issue with the Packman repo.  It was not updating.  That problem has cleared up today.

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