Another install of Leap 42.3 Beta

I did another install of 42.3 on Thursday.  I guess I’m a tad slow reporting that.  This install was for Build 0283.  I installed it on my main desktop.  At the moment, I am still running 42.2 on that computer.  I installed 42.3 on a separate area of the disk.

I do plan to soon switch to running 42.3 full time.  That’s the best way of testing this beta release.  The final release is due in about one month.

Downloading and installing

I followed my usual procedure.  I used “aria2c” to  download the iso for the DVD installer.  I used “wget” to download the sha256 checksum file.  Then I verified the gpg signature on the checksum file, and verified that the checksum matched the downloaded iso.

The next step was to write the iso file to a USB flash drive.  I used “dd_rescue” for that.  Then I booted the USB, and installed 42.3

Installation itself went well.  Everything worked about as expected.  Following the install, I booted into 42.3, and did a little final tweaking.  And I also added additional software that is not on the install media but is in the repos.

I then booted back into 42.2.  There, I mounted the 42.3 system, so that I could do additional tweaking while still running 42.2.  For example, I copied some configuration over from 42.2 to 42.3.  In particular, I copied the settings for my NFS service (i.e. “/etc/exports”), and I copied part of the samba configuration.  I run both samba (to serve files for Windows boxes) and NFS (to serve files for other linux boxes).

This morning, I booted into 42.3, and completed the setup of samba server and NFS server.  And then I tested those from other computers.  And then I booted back into 42.2.

What I am mainly waiting for, is firefox.  The firefox on 42.2 is at version 52.2, while that on 42.3 is at version 52.1.  As soon as firefox catches up, I will switch over to full time use of 42.3.

Packman is up

I noticed, last week, that the packman repo for 42.3 is now up.  That was a needed step before I was willing to move to 42.3.  And setting up the packman repo is part of the tweaking that I mentioned.  I configured the repo while mounting 42.3 on my 42.2 system (with a brief “chroot” into 42.3).  Then, I finished that on one of my boots into 42.3.  That was when I did the switching of packages to packman, to give me most of the multimedia libraries.  There are probably still a few packages from packman that I need to install, but I can postpone that until I am finally running 42.3 full time.

Notes on the development model

For 42.3, we were informed that it would use a rolling development model.  Strictly speaking, development is always rolling, in the sense that it is constantly changing as we near the final release.  However, in the past, there were a few “milestone” releases, then a beta release, and a release candidate (or two), with nothing changing between the milestones.  That milestone model was abandoned for 42.3.  Instead, it looks more like the Tumbleweed development model.  New software builds are going on.  And the builds are then tested on OpenCA.  If the tests are successful, the new build is released.  There is a new installer iso.  And the repos are updated.  So I can either download the installer and do a new install.  Or I can use “zypper dup” to update from the repos.  I have mainly been doing “zypper dup” to update from the repos, with a download and fresh install when I wanted to add 42.3 to another machine.

I like this new development model.

The problem with the old method, was that I could install a milestone release.  But then it would sit there with no updates, no bug fixes until the next milestone.  So it did not seem wise to run it full time.

With the new development model, the installed version can be updated with each release of a new build.  So buggy software does not stay around for long.  Security holes do not stay around for long.  So I can be more relaxed about running it full time.

Next steps

When there’s a build with firefox-52.2, I plan to switch to 42.3.  But there are a few steps that I will need to take.  In particular, I will need to copy data and configuration from 42.2 applications to the corresponding 42.3 applications.

The most important for me, will be copying the configuration and data for “akregator”.  I could also copy that for “kdewallet”, but I decided to make a fresh start with that.  I don’t need to copy the firefox configuration, because I am using a symbolic link so that I access the same “.mozilla” directory.  And I do something similar for my “thunderbird” configuration, , my “ssh” configuration and my “gpg” configuration.


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  1. Neil Rickert says :

    I am now running 42.3 Beta full time on my main desktop.


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