What’s up with Solus?

[Update: See update notes at the end of this post]

I still have Solus installed, although it is not something that I regularly use.  Check HERE for my report on installing.

Today, I booted into Solus.  And then I did a check for updates.  It showed several.  And one indicated a kernel update, but that was attached to a strange package name.

I applied the updates.  And then I checked to see what kernel version had been installed.  And there was no kernel there at all.  The kernel had  been deleted.  Fortunately, I had a backup copy of the kernel, so I copied that into place.  And then I rebooted.  And the system froze on the login window.  Perhaps all of the kernel modules had also been deleted, leaving a crippled system.

So it looks as if my Solus installation is now broken beyond repair.

I’m now wondering if this was a bad April fools joke.  Or was this an intrusion into the Solus site to generate a faulty update?

At this stage, I am puzzled and looking for more information.


It looks as if I misunderstood the situation.

Apparently Solus had changed its naming convention for kernels.  So I simply did not recognize that there was a kernel, since the new name was not even close to what I was looking for.


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Retired mathematician and computer scientist who dabbles in cognitive science.

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