OpenMandriva Lx 3.01 — not really a review

Hmm, I have been neglecting this blog.  It’s time to catch up.  I’ve still been doing stuff, but have not recently blogged about it.

There’s not much to report here, so this will be a short post.

I saw the recent announcement from the OpenMandriva folk, and thought that I would give it a try.  According to the announcement, this release comes with Plasma 5 with Wayland support.


I downloaded the iso and the checksums.  I then used the checksums to verify the download.  This is not completely satisfactory — a gpg signature would be better — but at least it is a download check.  And that all worked out.

I then copied the iso to a USB flash drive, using the command

# dd_rescue OpenMandrivaLx.3.01-PLASMA.x86_64.iso /dev/sdd

(note that “/dev/sdd” is where a USB device usually shows up on my main desktop box).

I then booted the USB.  I first booted on an older box with Nvidia graphics.  I was anticipating problems, since I know that plasma 5 doesn’t much like Nvidia.    Startup was slow.  That was probably due to Plasma 5 trying to deal with the graphics.  But it seemed reasonably stable.

I then tried on my Lenovo Thinkserver, a UEFI box.  There, it booted a lot faster.  This was where I had intended to install the release for further testing.  I used UEFI booting on the Lenovo.

Again, the system looked pretty good.

Bad news

I then checked the network.  And there wasn’t any.  I’m not sure why.  The lights on my ethernet switch all indicated that the network was alive.  But log messages indicated problems in setting up the network.  I have installed many different linux distros on this box, and I never before ran into that kind of network problem.

After that, I gave up on installing.  There did not seem much point with installing if I won’t have any network connection.

My overall summary: the system looked pretty good running from live media.  But, because I did not install, my testing was incomplete.

What about Wayland?

The announcement seemed to paint a rosy picture of Wayland on this release.  However, when I looked at the release notes wiki, I found:

KDE Plasma 5 running on wayland is still experimental and not recommended for daily use.

So maybe it isn’t all that rosy.

I did not experiment with Wayland on the live system, so I really don’t know.

As it happens, I have an installation of Kaos on the same computer.  That recently updated to Plasma 5.8.5, and it does have a Wayland option.  But Wayland on Kaos still seems quite buggy to me.  I’m guessing that I would have had a similar reaction to Wayland on OpenMandriva, if I had tested that.



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