Preparing for openSUSE 42.2

We should see 42.2 released less than two days from now.  So here are a few last minute notes.

Install or update

I am planning to do a full install on my main desktop, where I have not installed the release candidates.  Also, I want to see how the full install goes.

On other systems, I will simply update RC2.  I checked this morning on my laptop, using

# zypper lu

That lists only around 20 or so updates from RC2.  So the final release is not greatly different from RC2.  I could update now, because the repos should already be set for the final release.  However, I will wait until I have downloaded the installer.  That way, I can use the installer (the DVD installer on a USB) as a local repo.  That reduces the amount that I will need to download and reduces the load on the download site and mirrors, which will get a lot of traffic over the next few days.

For the actual updating, I plan to use

# zypper dup

though using the updater applet would probably work just as well.

Packman repo

I checked the packman repo last week.  It appeared to be up, but empty.  My check was with a web browser.  Then I checked again this morning.  That was Monday morning, Chicago time.  Again it looked empty.  But I added the repo to my laptop anyway.

Checking again this afternoon, the repo now appears to be well populated with packages.  I’ll start installing the packages that I want at around the time that I update my installation on Wednesday.

Nvidia graphics

The Nvidia repo has been up for several days.  So I decided to give it a test.  This is on an older computer, with a Nvidia GeForce 6150LE card.  It normally uses the G02 driver.

As background, the Nvidia driver worked well with opensuse 13.2, but worked quite poorly with Leap 42.1.  So my original intention was to stay with Nouveau (which also works poorly).  However, since I am running RC2 on that system, I decided to give the Nvidia driver a chance.  If it made a mess, a fresh install of the final 42.2 release should fix that.

The install seemed to go okay.  For safety, I did that from a console session after using “telinit 3” to go to command line mode.  I used the ncurses version of Yast for the install.

Upon rebooting, I noticed that I had 1024×768 resolution (it should 1440×900).  That has not previously happened to me with Nvidia drivers.  So I uninstalled, and I won’t try that again.  For safety, after uninstalling, I reinstalled Xorg and several Mesa libraries.  The system is back working as before with nouveau.


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Retired mathematician and computer scientist who dabbles in cognitive science.

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