OpenSUSE Leap 42.2 RC2

Release candidate 2 (or RC2) is now out.  It was announced earlier today:

As you might expect, I downloaded the iso for the DVD installer, and “burned” that to a USB flash drive.  I then did an install using it.

The install went quite well.  I followed the same general method as in my install for RC1.

Nouveau graphics

I noticed one change.  Early in the install, I was told about “Mesa-dri-nouveau”.  This is a new package, broken out from mesa.  The notification asked me whether I wanted to accept this package.  If I did not accept, then 3D would be emulated in software.

I accepted the package.  I cannot test it otherwise.

Unfortunately, it does not work well enough with my nvidia card.

I first logged into KDE using “LIBGL_ALWAYS_SOFTWARE=1” (set in the environment by my shell startup file).  That worked, because it was not using the new “Mesa-dri-nouveau” package.

I later removed that line from the shell startup file, and again tried login.  But plasmashell crashed.  So I restored the environment setting.

Presumably, if I uninstall “Mesa-dri-nouveau”, that would have the same effect as the environment setting.  But then I would not be able to test how Gnome runs with the new package — not yet tested.

Software versions

In RC2, KDE is at Plasma 5.8.2, and Gnome is at 3.20.2.

The system is using kernel 4.4.27.

Updating laptop

For my laptop, I decided to update RC1 to RC2, instead of doing a clean install.  The RC2 installer was using the same USB flash drive as I had previously used for RC1.  So that USB was already configured as a repo.  Running Yast Software Repositories, I enabled that repo, and refeshed it.  I then clicked finish.  Next, I ran

# zypper dup

from a root terminal to update.  It got most of the new packages from the USB, which is faster than downloading over the network.

This update ran smoothly, and my laptop is now happily running RC2.

I have noticed that this upgrade did not install “Mesa-dri-nouveau”.  Perhaps that’s because my laptop has Intel graphics and doesn’t need it.  Or perhaps it is because I upgraded instead of doing a clean install.  If you have an Nvidia card, and update an earlier version, you might want to think about whether to install that package.

Final notes

Overall, 42.2 seems to be well on target.  The final release is supposed to be two weeks from today.  I am looking forward to that final release.

And a quick note.  I see that “seamonkey” is there in RC2.  It was missing from RC1.  I don’t much use it, but I usually install as an alternative browser.


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