OpenSUSE Leap 42.2 Beta3

Beta3 was announced yesterday.  So, naturally, I prepared to download and install.  We are getting close to final release time for 42.2.  The biggest change for Beta3, is that Plasma 5 (or KDE) is now at release 5.8.

Download and install

As with prior development releases of 42.2, the download and installation went smoothly.  I followed my normal practice of “burning” the DVD image to a USB flash drive.  I then booted that flash drive to start the installer.

I have done three installs.  Two of those were yesterday, and the third was this morning.

Encrypted LVMs

As with my previous installs, I have  been installing to an encrypted LVM (two installs), and to an unencrypted partition but using the home file system from an encrypted LVM on the other install.

For prior releases, this has not worked well.  The system installed in its own unencrypted partition has always been fine.  But, for the others, I have sometimes ended up in emergency mode when booting.

Those problems appear to have been fixed.  My installed systems have all booted without difficulty for Beta3.

Nouveau graphics

My first install was to an older computer with legacy booting and an Nvidia GeForce 6150LE card.  My plan was to use the open source graphics driver (i.e. nouveau).

That is working fine with Gnome and with XFCE.  But Plasma 5 does not like it at all.  If I try to login to Plasma 5, the desktop never fully comes up.  If I then abort (with CTRL-ALT-BACKSPACE (twice)), and try a different desktop, I can see that the system is taking core dumps for plasma shell crashes.  This is not good.  I hope it is fixed in time for the final result.  Otherwise, I may need to use a desktop other than KDE.  I did instal FVWM2, just in case.

I tried booting with “nomodeset” on the kernel boot line.  If I boot that way, the Plasma 5 does start up.  I was able to configure it that way.  But it gives me 1024×768 resolution on a monitor where I should be using 1440×900.  So, after that test, I rebooted without the “nomodeset”, which again gave me nouveau.  And again, plasma shell dumped core.

Intel graphics

My second and third install were to systems using Intel graphics.  That seems to run well.

I did notice that the desktop was different.  Typically, with opensuse, we get a clean desktop with a “Folder View” widget in the top left corner.  But this time, I instead saw some icons on the desktop.  Apparently, there was a decision to change the opensuse defaults.

I actually prefer to keep the icons in the widget.  So I set about switching back to the old default style.  With a right click on the desktop, I selected “Desktop settings”.  And there, I changed the layout to “Desktop” in place of “Folder view”.  While about it, I also changed the wall paper.  And I added a “Folder View” widget.  It looked good.  That was how I wanted my desktop.

I then logged out and logged in again.  And those changes were all lost.  Apparently, there’s a bug that crept in, preventing those changes from being saved.  There’s already a fix at  And perhaps if I update, I might find that the fix has made it to opensuse repos.

Apart from that one bug, Plasma 5.8 seems to be doing fine.  I was able to configure “focus follows mouse”, and change the number of virtual desktops to my liking.  Those changes were all retained after logout and login.


A few bugs have crept in.  But it looks as if we are well on the way toward a successful release of 42.2 in mid November.



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Retired mathematician and computer scientist who dabbles in cognitive science.

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