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OpenSUSE Leap 42.2 Beta2

Things are moving along toward the 42.2 release.  It seems not too long ago that I reviewed Beta1.  And now Beta2 is available.

Download and install

I saw the announcement on Thursday morning.  I immediately started a download.  As is my practice, I used “wget” to download the sha256 checksum file, and “aria2c” to dowload the DVD installer iso.  Once downloaded, I verified the gpg signature on the sha256 checksum file, and then used that file to verify the downloaded iso.  That’s probably redundant, because “aria2c” does verification checks during the download.

Next, I wrote the downloaded iso to a USB flash drive.  I used an 8G flash drive, and wrote with “dd_rescue”.

Rebooting the system, I hit F12 during boot.  For that computer, it brings up a BIOS boot menu which allowed me to select booting from the USB flash drive.

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Solus- — a review

I previously reviewed Solus 1.0 last year.  Since then, I have been noticing announcements via distrowatch. When I saw the recent announcement for, I decided it was time for another review.


I used the torrent from the announcement for download (with “ktorrent” as the client).  The download went well.  I then checked the sha256 checksum from the announcement. and that looked good.  So I “burned” the installer image to an USB flash drive with

# dd_rescue Solus- /dev/sdd

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OpenSUSE Leap 42.2 Beta1

We are getting nearer to the release date (November) for Leap 42.2.  And the first beta release was announced on Wednesday.  It was time for me to get busy and do some testing.


I used “aria2c” to download the iso, and “wget” to download the sha256 checksum file.  I verified the “gpg” signature on the checksum file.  And then I checked the sha256 hash of the downloaded iso against the checksum file.  Everything checked out.

Next, I “burned” the iso to a usb flash drive, with:

dd_rescue openSUSE-Leap-42.2-DVD-x86_64-Build0164-Media.iso /dev/sdd

(“/dev/sdd” happens to be the device name for the first USB drive on this system).

I then booted from that USB to install beta1.  My first install was on Wednesday.  That was to a UEFI box, with secure-boot enabled.  My second install was yesterday (Thursday), to an older computer with legacy booting.  Both installs went smoothly.

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