May “installs” — Tumbleweed and 42.2 Alpha1

It’s early June, and I still have not reported a couple of “installs” that I did in May.  So better late than never.

I used scare quotes around “install” because I did not actually install Tumbleweed in May, though I did do some install tests.  There’s not a lot to report, so this will be a short post.


I didn’t have a good reason for a full Tumbleweed install.  But I decided to at least test the NET installer.  It’s been a year or more since I last tried that.  On my previous attempt, the NET installer was broken for use with WiFi.

I downloaded the NET installer for snapshot 20160529, and wrote that to a USB.  I then disconnected the ethernet cable from my laptop and booted the NET installer.

I was prompted for ESSID.  I entered the network name (I normally call that the SSID).  Next, I was prompted for the security type.  I selected WPA-PSK.  I was then prompted for the network key, which I entered.

Soon it announced an IP address, and it began to download the installer.  After the download, it began the install.

At one point, there was a notification of “Internal Error. Please report with logs.”  I did not save the logs, but I’ll watch for this and report if I see the same problem with a DVD installer on my next try.  The error itself looked minor — as if the installer was checking something that it need not check.  I dismissed the error message, and the install proceeded.

From the error message, it looked as if it had mounted the existing linux partitions, and was complaining about “/etc/ssh/RCS”.  Well, no surprise.  On my installed system, that’s a symbolic link, and whether it points anywhere will depend on other mounts.

I continued to the partitioning section of the install, and all looked good.  I aborted at that point, since I had no need for another install at this time.

42.2 Alpha1

The announcement for 42.2 was in the factory mailing list.  This is a very preliminary release, so I did not expect much.  The final release is expected to be around Nov. 1.

The install went smoothly.  Plasma 5 seems to run well on the installed system.  However, it looks as if Plasma shell is crashing during logout or shutdown.  That’s probably not a big concern this early in the development project.

Those were my previously unmentioned installs for May.


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Retired mathematician and computer scientist who dabbles in cognitive science.

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