An update to my Solus 1.0 review

I recently reviewed Solus 1.0.  I’ve spent a little more time using it since then, so I have some updated information.

Software updates

When I logged in this morning, I opened the software update center, and checked for updates.  There were 17.  Initially, it said 10, but later changed that to 17.  So updating the software does work.  I was unsure of that in my original review.

Nvidia driver

While doing the software update, I noticed mention of an updated modalias for nvidia drivers, including the 304.131 driver.  Since the computer that I use has an nvidia card, I decided to try the 304.131 driver (which is the appropriate driver for the 6150LE card that I have).

There’s a reason that I wanted to try the nvidia driver.  With opensuse Leap 42.1, Gnome will not run with that driver.  That’s Gnome 3.16.  Solus 1.0 appears to have Gnome 3.18.2, so I wanted to see if the nvidia driver worked there.

So I installed it.  Installing from the software center was straightforward enough.  After installing, I rebooted to start using that driver.  Alas, the desktop never came up properly.  After a little while, I got that “Oh no, something has gone wrong” message.  So it looks as if that 304.nnn driver does not work.  Maybe the Solus developers should consider removing it from their software center.


After that driver failure, I did not know of an easy way to remove the driver.  There did not seem to be a more basic alternative desktop that I could use to remove the driver.  So I decided to do a reinstall.

The reinstall went fine.  This time I knew what to do about booting from my earlier experience.  So I made that adjustment before the reboot after install.

Power settings

I noted in my previous review, that the power settings window was empty.  I checked again after the reinstall.  And, this time they were not empty.  So I set the power savings to blank the screen after 15 minutes of idle time.

I then worked on my main desktop (a different computer) for around 2 hours.  On returning to the Solus 1.0 system, the screen had not blanked.  So there now are power settings, but they don’t seem to work.


After the reinstall, I decided to add a second user account.  I then logged out as the original user, and logged in as the new user.  The new user seemed to have the standard Gnome desktop.  The Budgie desktop was not there.

I logged out, and looked carefully at the “gdm” login screen.  It seemed that I could select the Budgie desktop, Gnome, or Gnome on Wayland.  So I selected Budgie and logged in again.  That was better.  I do very much prefer the Budgie desktop to standard Gnome.  I have not tried Gnome on Wayland.

I’ll note that adding the second user account was fairly simple.  There’s an application there for Users, and I opened that and did what seemed to  make sense.


About Neil Rickert

Retired mathematician and computer scientist who dabbles in cognitive science.

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