Archive | 2015/12/29

Reviewing Solus 1.0

I saw the announcement of Solus 1.0 (h/t DistroWatch), so I decided to give it a try.

This is apparently the first release of Solus, not counting test releases.  I guess this is the new distro on the block.

A quick impression

I’ll start with a quick overview.  Booting up the system, it has a rather pleasant appearance.  It is based on Gnome, though perhaps with some specialized gnome shell extensions.  They are calling this the “budgie desktop“.

I booted Solus on a box with Nvidia graphics, and it seems to be using the nouveau driver.  It runs quite well.  However, in my opinion, the newness of this distro is showing in ways that I will mention later in this review.

There’s a “start button” at the top left.  The panel is at the top.  Applications are accessible via that start button menu.

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