UEFI and opensuse Leap 42.1

There have been several problems with UEFI on Leap.

As originally installed, it suffered from bug 950569, where some hardware would hang during boot unless secure-boot was disabled.  This bug was originally reported for Tumbleweed, but also showed up in Leap.  It was recently fixed in Tumbleweed.  And today, an update showed up for Leap to fix this bug.  The update also fixed a MokManager problem, which I have not personally experienced.

There’s a problem, though.  The updated shim package has been installed.  But the updated shim.efi was not installed in the EFI boot settings (normally in “/boot/efi/EFI/opensuse”).

A second problem showed up as bug 954126.  This bug seems to have only affected Leap, and did not cause a problem with Tumbleweed.  This was a bug in the file “grub.efi”, which is part of grub2-efi but installed along with shim.  With this bug, attempting to boot Windows with secure-boot enabled gives a message about invalid image.  It does not affect booting opensuse.

I’m expecting an update for this bug real soon now in Leap.  It has not been seen as of the time of this post.  I hope that when this update is installed, it will update the boot configuration.  If not, you can do that yourself.  The files “shim.efi”, “grub.efi” and “MokManager.efi” are all in “/usr/lib64/efi”, and those will have been updated with the patch install.  They also need to be in the boot configuration, normally “/boot/efi/EFI/opensuse”.  If the configuration is not updated when the fix for bug 954126 is installed, then you can copy those files yourself before you re-enable secure-boot in your firmware.

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3 responses to “UEFI and opensuse Leap 42.1”

  1. jedibeeftrix says :

    any suggestion that the disk .iso has been corrected, so that fresh installs will not be affected by this problem?


    • Neil Rickert says :

      As far as I know, the iso image has not been updated. It is very unusual for opensuse to update iso images.

      Your best bet is to turn off secure-boot, install, and then run updates before you turn on secure-boot. After running updates, run the command “shim-install”, since the update that fixes shim failed to run that.

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