The Tumbleweed 20151002 update

I still have a lot to test following that Tumbleweed update.  I did encounter some issues.  I’ll comment on those here.

Crash during update

On one system, the update completed.  But I could not logout from the desktop.  So I used CTRL-ALT-BACKSPACE to crash the desktop, then rebooted on the sddm login screen.

On another system, where I was using “gdm” as login manager, the desktop seemed to crash in the middle of the update, leaving a blank screen.  I logged in remotely (using “ssh”) to see what was happening.  The desktop session appeared to have disappeared (I checked processes that I owned, and none were running except those from the ssh login).

Fortunately, I had used “screen -L” for the terminal session from which I ran “zypper dup”.  Looking at the “screenlog.0” file, I could see that the update was still in progress.  I waited for it to finish, then rebooted at the command line.

Rebooting was fine.  I had switched to using “sddm” (by editing “/etc/sysconfig/displaymanager”) just before the update.  So I got “sddm” for the login screen after reboot.


There seem to be issues with the latest grub update.

For the first system I updated, everything went as expected.  On that system, I had defined the grub distributor as “betasuse”.  I should mention that this is an EFI box.  The updated grub2-efi files went into the directory “\EFI\betasuse” on the system EFI partition as expected.

The second system was weird.  I had not defined the grub distributor.  Checking “/etc/default/grub”, I see that the field is empty.  According to the documentation, a default distributor is supposed to be found via “/etc/os-release”.

What actually happened, is that the file “grubx64.efi” was installed as expected in “\EFI\opensuse” in the EFI partition.  That’s the file used for ordinary boot (not for secure-boot).  However the files for secure-boot (such as “shim.efi”) were installed in “\EFI\grub” in the EFI partition.  This is probably a bug in “shim-install”.


I sometimes use the command “bootctl status” to give me details of how I booted.  This now seems broken.  All that it does is complain that “/boot” is not the EFI partition.  Apparently “bootctl” comes from the “systemd” developers.  I guess this is an example of their annoying “my way or the highway” attitude.

And now

I guess I’m off to see what bugs have been reported, and to add my own report where needed.



About Neil Rickert

Retired mathematician and computer scientist who dabbles in cognitive science.

One response to “The Tumbleweed 20151002 update”

  1. Neil Rickert says :

    I’ve posted a bug report on the shim-install problem as bug 948866. And I’ve posted a report on the “bootctl” problem as bug 948868.


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