Directions for opensuse

An announcement today hinted at the future direction of opensuse.  There’s a tentative release date of around November 2.  The planned release is code-named “42”, though that is unlikely to be the final name.  One suggestion has been “opensuse Oak” to suggest something more stable than “opensuse Tumbleweed”.

There has been extensive discussion on mailing lists.  I have not attempted to read all of the related mails, and I don’t automatically receive any of them.

In short, it will be a long term support release.  The core of the release will be derive from SLE (the enterprise release of SuSE), supplemented by software that has been tested in Tumbleweed.  The tentative plan, going forward, will be for “42” stable releases and Tumbleweed rolling releases.

My own plans are uncertain.  I will be testing milestones for the “42” releases, as they become available.  And I’ll also continue to test Tumbleweed snapshots.  But I don’t know which I will be mainly using on my main desktop.  That’s a decision for the future.


About Neil Rickert

Retired mathematician and computer scientist who dabbles in cognitive science.

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