My February install

As previously mentioned, I am periodically doing a throwaway install of Tumbleweed to test the installer.  This one went smoothly, so this will be a short post.


I downloaded the DVD installer for snapshot 20150201.  Apparently, just about everything was recompiled, so a simple update of my existing system would have downloaded almost as much as the DVD image.  As usual, I used “aria2c” to download.  And that went at about my usual speed (it takes a little under an hour for the download).  Again, as usual, I wrote the downloaded iso image to a USB flash drive and used that for the install.  I downloaded on Feb 03.


I installed on Feb 04.  The install went smoothly.

I was installing to a laptop.  So the WiFi configuration came up during the install.  That went as expected.  I was then able to check the box to use online repos during the install.  I used both the “oss” and “non-oss” repos.  The install was mostly done from the DVD installer, but a few packages came from the online repos, because they were not on the DVD.


As usual, I went to the software selection menu.  I was mainly installing KDE, but I wanted a few tweaks such as installing “aria2” for meta-downloads.

While browsing through the software selection, I noticed that “synaptiks” was selected by default.  This surprised me, because I had seen that deleted and replaced by “kcm_touchpad” on a recent update to a Tumbleweed desktop.  So I searched for “kcm_touchpad” and selected that.  Doing so automatically unselected “synaptiks”.

The installation completed without problem.

Running the system

The final step of install is to reboot into the installed system.  That also proceeded as expected.  Because the install was to a laptop, NetworkManager was in use.  So my WiFi configuration during install did not help.  I had to configure a connection with the KDE network manager plasmoid.  That also proceeded without problems.

I usually set the network connection to be shared with other users (this was previously called a “system connection”).  That way, the laptop connects to my home network as soon as I boot it.  But this time I decided to not do that.  So it does not connect until I have logged in.  I wanted to test whether that was working properly (it is).

I also had to configure kcm_touchpad.  I did this with the “Input Devices” settings in “Configure Desktop”.  I mainly want the touchpad to be disabled if I have a USB mouse plugged in.  That worked well, and was ready soon after login (faster than when using “synaptiks”).


Today, I updated to 20150203.  But I also wanted to discuss something else.  I have been occasionally using the DVD installer on USB as a repo on  my Tumbleweed desktop.  I make sure that I always use the same flash drive.  I configured that as a repo a month or two ago.  I normally leave that disabled.  But when I have a recent download, I plug in the USB and enable that repo.  Updates (using “zypper dup”) go a lot faster that way.  Many of the updates come from the USB instead of being downloaded over the network.

Default repos

I noticed, from my recent install, that the automatically configured repos now say “tumbleweed” instead of “factory”.  If you have been waiting for that change before installing Tumbleweed, then you need wait no more.

All in all, a good experience.  Tumbleweed is still doing well.



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Retired mathematician and computer scientist who dabbles in cognitive science.

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