I had been noticing that some blog sites were not behaving quite as they should.  So I wondered if I had AdBlock turned on and maybe that was causing the problem.

I checked (with the rekonq browser), with:

Options icon –> Tools –> AdBlock

And, sure enough, it was turned on.  So I turned off AdBlock.

The first page that I visited after that was at Ed Brayton’s blog at FreeThoughtBlogs.

The page was difficult to read, because there was an advertisement in a very wide left margin.  There was a “close” button on that ad.  I clicked the “close” button.  Immediately, a full page ad showed up.

I did the obvious thing.  I turned AdBlock back on.


About Neil Rickert

Retired mathematician and computer scientist who dabbles in cognitive science.

2 responses to “AdBlock”

  1. jas88 says :

    Amusingly, I recently had a web design student complain that part of her new page wasn’t loading … of course, she was using her personal laptop, complete with AdBlock – and had called the top image something like “banner.jpg”, getting it filtered out.

    I had a trickier problem with eBay’s password reset page, which had some very irritating Javascript stupidity obstructing password managers and clipboard functionality, but also refused to function with Javascript disabled. As I recall, carefully selecting which hostnames I blocked scripts from with NoScript eventually got me a working form.

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    • Neil Rickert says :

      There are some pages where I set NoScript to “Allow scripts globally”, to get around the complex way that they have intertwined scripts on the page.

      I regret the day that javascript was invented.


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