Nvidia notes

If you are using the Nvidia drivers and installed them “the repo way”, then note that they were recently updated.

My box with Nvidia graphics uses the 304 driver.  Previously it had been using 304.123.  With the update, it is now using 304.125.

I have not noticed any difference.  If I install Tumbleweed on that box, I would have to install “the hard way” and the newer version of the driver is more likely to be compatible with newer kernels.

If you installed from the Nvidia repo, then your updates will not update your driver without interaction.  That’s because the new driver version in the repos shows as having a different vendor, and software updates won’t automatically switch vendor.

Here’s what I did:

I opened Yast Software Management.  I selected the “repositories” view, and clicked on the “nvidia” repo.  That showed the package in that repo (there are not very many), and which of those I had installed.

For each of those installed packages (there were three of them), I right clicked on the line, and selected “update unconditionally”.  After marking all for update, I clicked “Accept”.  Then, when the update had completed, I rebooted to make sure that graphics were still fine (they were).

If you decide to go with this update, then make sure that you update all installed nvidia packages.  A partial update is likely to cause you grief.

And a note on the vendor change.  The vendor string for these packages appears to be the name of an OBS project (OBS = “Open Build Service”).  Presumably, the maintainer of nvidia drivers for opensuse has changed, and with that change the OBS project name has also changed.



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