Notes on MATE and infinite caja

In an earlier post, I noted a problem of infinitely looping caja, when MATE is installed alongside other desktops.  If MATE is installed as the only desktop, this problem does not occur.

A workaround has been provided in the bug report.  It requires editing the file “.gtkrc-2.0” in the home directory.  That file contains an “include” line that reads in settings for the KDE oxygen theme.  That’s apparently what causes the problem.  Simply commenting out that line fixes the problem, and the MATE desktop now loads without that looping.

I’m not at all sure how that will affect KDE.  Presumably those settings are for gtk applications (such as firefox) that are run under KDE.

For the moment, I have two versions of that file.  I switch to the MATE compatible version if I am about to start MATE.  Otherwise I use the standard version.  I mainly use KDE, so I won’t be switching very often.


About Neil Rickert

Retired mathematician and computer scientist who dabbles in cognitive science.

3 responses to “Notes on MATE and infinite caja”

  1. akashvish says :

    Would disagree that MATE works fine if installed alone. I tried it on virtualbox by the method told on mate-desktop forum (minimal desktop approach). Still caja reopened.


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