More on MATE and opensuse 13.2

In my previous post, I described how to install MATE.  I have since run into two problems.  One of these is minor, and has to do with WiFi.  The other is a serious problem that occurs in some circumstances.

The (minor) WiFi problem

I had indicated that, after switching to NetworkManager, there was a WiFi applet in the panel.  But I had not made much use of that applet, other than to check whether connected.

I later tried to edit the connection settings for one of my connections.  And that failed, because a “polkit” agent was not running.

This was easy enough to work around.  I simply started “/usr/lib/polkit-gnome-authentication-agent-1” and I was then able to edit connections.

I later discovered that there is a package named “mate-polkit” which was not installed.  Once I installed that package, all was fine.  I did not have to start a polkit agent to be able to edit a wifi connection.

This problem is reported as bug 905679.

Infinite caja

After my success with MATE, I decided to install it on a second box.  I already had installed 13.2 with other desktops.  So I just added MATE as an additional desktop.

When I logged into MATE on that computer, all hell broke loose.  The panel filled up with “caja” entries.  Note that “caja” is the file manager application for MATE.  It seems that there’s a bug, causing it to loop infinitely.

I had to use CTRL-ALT-BACKSPACE (twice) to abort that session.

I’m not sure what causes this problem, though it might be related to having other desktops installed.  If you google for “mate infinite caja” (without the quotes) you will find that many people have run into this with a variety of distros.

I reported this one as bug 905808.


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