Using “gparted” from the opensuse live rescue system

I have successfully used “gparted” from the opensuse 13.2 live rescue image (if you can call that success).  But I did run into some initial problems, which I will describe below.

Quick summary

Here’s a quick summary.  If you want to use “gparted” on the live rescue system, then I recommend the following steps:

  1. logout, returning you to a login prompt (a “lightdm” prompt);
  2. login again, but select “Icewm” as the desktop to which you will login;
  3. open a terminal session in “icewm” by clicking the terminal icon near the bottom left;
  4. use the “su” command to become root (no password is needed);
  5. run “gparted” at the root command line.

Problems encountered

Using from the “icewm” desktop works fine.  But I first tried to use with the default XFCE desktop, and that ran into problems.

I first tried starting “gparted” from the main XFCE menu.

Nothing happened.  It seemed that “gparted” had failed to load.  A later check of the file “.xsession-errors-:0” showed that it had failed to connect to the Xwindows system.

Next, I started an “xterm” terminal session, and used “su” to become root.  In that root terminal session, I ran “gparted”.  A bunch of windows opened up on the screen.  I’m not sure why that was happening.  Apparently something in XFCE is mounting every partition that it can mount as “gparted” reads the device.

This is quite annoying.  The whole point of using a rescue boot to run “gparted”, is so that no partition from the hard drive will be mounted when running “gparted” on that drive.  So automatic mounting defeats that purpose.

I have reported these problems as Bug 903885.

After running into these problems, I rebooted (as a way of unmounting everything).  I then logged out from the XFCE session and instead logged into an “icewm” session.  And “gparted” behaved properly when run from “icewm”.



About Neil Rickert

Retired mathematician and computer scientist who dabbles in cognitive science.

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