Opensuse 13.2 has been released

The final release of 13.2 has been available for a few hours now, at the usual download site.  Other repos, such as packman are available.  And the Tumbleweed transition is now complete.

I already have 13.2 on my main desktop (where I am typing this post).  I will be installing on other systems over the next few days.

Happy installing.


About Neil Rickert

Retired mathematician and computer scientist who dabbles in cognitive science.

2 responses to “Opensuse 13.2 has been released”

  1. william Visser says :

    Hello Neil,

    OpenSUSE 13.2 uses other filesystems than ext4 in OpenSUSE 13.1. So when I upgrade, I cannot change to those new filesystems. Should I do a fresh install for that reason? / Are the advantages of those new filesystems worth it? And if yes, how do I fresh installation without losing many customizations I made in OpenSUSE13.1 ?
    Kind regards,
    William Visser


    • Neil Rickert says :

      I decided to continue using “ext4”. I’m not yet convinced that “btrfs” or “xfs” are good choices. I’ll let somebody else have the experience of finding the bugs in those file systems.

      Potentially, “btrfs” has a lot to offer. But that would depend on support tools that don’t exist yet. So I’ll wait.


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