Opensuse 13.2 should be available tomorrow

If you have already installed RC1 (the release candidate), then

zypper dup

at a root command prompt should update you to the final release version.  If you have not already installed RC1, then just wait one day  and download the final released version.

Changes since RC1

I do have 13.2 final on one system (my main desktop).  There were many updates, but probably most were minor changes.  I’ll just indicate the most obvious changes.

  • the kernel is now at version 3.16.6-2
  • the grub2 menu has changed its appearance.  There is now an opensuse image, and a darker background.  I do like this change.
  • Plymouth is no longer a dull gray.  It starts looking as if it is a dull gray, but gradually brightens and becomes the default wallpaper for 13.2.  I think I preferred the 13.1 version, but at least this beats the dull gray that we saw in RC1.
  • the startup graphics of KDE (those tools in a box) are now in a whitish box rather than the black box of RC1.  This better matches the  new theme.
  • looking at gapcmon in my tray, when I move the mouse over the icon, the apc status information is now is a dark green box instead of a black box.
  • firefox is at version 33.0

Thus far, all is running well.

I installed only KDE

Previously, my practice has been to install KDE, Gnome, XFCE and LXDE, though I only really use KDE.  This time I went for KDE only.

The main reason for my change is “konqueror” (and “rekonq” and “qupzilla”).  They were crashing almost as soon as I opened any page.  This appeared to not happen if only KDE is installed.  There’s probably some strange conflict, such as picking up a wrong library.

With my KDE-only install, those browsers are working again.


About Neil Rickert

Retired mathematician and computer scientist who dabbles in cognitive science.

One response to “Opensuse 13.2 should be available tomorrow”

  1. aptitude says :

    That’s cool! I did not know… Sad the distro still supports non-free software, and why openSUSE and not libreSUSE?? 😀 Just a thought… 😛


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