Whither factory and Tumbleweed?

There was an announcement, early today, on the future of factory and Tumbleweed.

There was also a related message to the factory mailing list:

I have no inside information on this, so I’ll just describe what I see as the future direction.  These changes will occur at about the time of the release of 13.2.  That is to say, the changes are expected for November 4th, 2014.

  1. The old Tumbleweed will disappear.  It has been criticized as not really a rolling release.
  2. The current factory will become the new Tumbleweed.  This will truly be a rolling release.
  3. The name “Tumbleweed” will be retained, but for the new version.
  4. The name “factory” will continue to be used for the development project, but the rolling release based on factory will be the new Tumbleweed.
  5. Current factory users and current Tumbleweed users may need to tweak their repos.  Details will be provided on Nov. 4th, and perhaps there will be other steps to smooth the transition.
  6. Presumably, future adopters of Tumbleweed (after Nov 4th) will be able to download a Tumbleweed iso and install that way.

I like these changes.  I like the idea of retaining the name “Tumbleweed”.  That’s a great name for a rolling release.

My own plans

I had pretty much settled on these plans before the announcement.  They still fit.

My current desktop is running factory, at present, with 13.1 on a different partition.  After the official release of 13.2, I will switch to using that release.  I have two reasons for that.  Firstly, I do value the stability of a regular release.  Secondly, as a contributor to opensuse forums and as a blogger here, I want to be experiencing bugs as they arise in a newer system.

I will probably install the new Tumbleweed on an alternate partition, and perhaps switch to that as we near the release date for the next version (i.e. 13.3)

I will run the new Tumbleweed on another box.  But it won’t be my “nvidia” box.  Installing the nvidia drivers the hard way is not all that difficult.  But, based on past experience, this breaks from time to time.  A new kernel comes out that the nvidia drivers don’t support, so I have problems until Nvidia updates their drivers.

I’ll install the new 13.2 on my laptop.  I don’t need a rolling release, and it is best not to need to deal with major updates when travelling.  So I’ll be keeping that as a stable release system.

And, of course, I retain the right to change my mind.



About Neil Rickert

Retired mathematician and computer scientist who dabbles in cognitive science.

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