Screenshot of KDE desktop for opensuse 13.2?

Here’s my desktop, as requested by a commenter.  This shows the default KDE wallpaper “openSUSE default”, and the default theme “openSUSElight”.  I have left the Window Decorations and the Cursor Theme at the default (“Oxygen” and “Oxygen White”.  Click on the image to enlarge.


The weather applet icon is the leftmost item in the tray,  to the left of the akregator icon.  I had clicked on the weather icon, so the window is showing.  In case you are not familiar with it, the akregator icon is the one with the number “4” (the number of unread items).  You can see that the icon for the weather applet has too little contrast (in my opinion).

Other icons showing are that for Amarok (the music note), and for gapcmon (the monitor for an APC UPS).  There are actually two icons showing for gapcmon.  The one on the right (looks like a battery) is the general one for configuring multiple UPC devices, while the other (looks like a power plug) is the specific one for my UPS.

The question mark at the end of the title, is because 13.2 is not yet released.  The theme could change by the time of the release.


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Retired mathematician and computer scientist who dabbles in cognitive science.

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