Opensuse factory and opensuse 13.2 – status

Here are a couple of interesting links that I saw today:

I’ll add my own comments here.


The first of those links is about the number of adoptions of factory.  It is good to see that the number has been growing.  However, I’l suggest a bit of caution in interpreting them.

I’ll use myself as an example.  When went with Tumbleweed on one of my systems, I first installed 13.1 as a clean install, then switched it to Tumbleweed.  I expected to continue to update that until 13.2 is released.

When I first installed factory (at the end of May), I expected to periodically reinstall.  The reason for this is that I want to test the installer in addition to testing the running system.

The count of systems is based on UUID.  The report does not say which UUID, so I am guessing that it is the UUID of the root file system.  My point here is that the count of Tumbleweed installed systems will see a single system here, while the count of factory installed systems will see a new system (with new UUID) whenever I do a new clean install.

The upshot of this is that the counts might not be comparable.  Of course, I don’t know how others are acting.  They may be doing less fresh installs.  Certainly the count shows a growing use of factory.  But it’s a bit harder to compare the number of installations of factory with the number for Tumbleweed.

Overall, the increase of factory installed systems is good news.  This means that there are more people discovering bug and (I hope) reporting them.  This should be good for the quality of the 13.2 release.

The 13.2 roadmap

This link was posted at the forum this morning.  It’s good to see a timeline.  This does appear to be reasonably realistic, though it is best to assume that the projected dates are tentative.


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