Some notes on 13.2

I did change the repos for my 13.2 snapshot install to the factory repos.  And then I did

# zypper dup

to update to the current factory version.  That worked well.

A bad update

A few days later, the software update notifier told me that there were some updates available.  So I repeated the “zypper dup”.

Unfortunately, it did not work so well this time.  After the install of one of the updates, X-windows was restarted.  And since I was running “zypper” within the x-windows session, the restart terminated the zypper.

The obvious step was to rerun “zypper dup” to finish the job.  Unfortunately, “zypper” had been half-update, and was in an inconsistent state.  There a discussion of this on the factory mailing list.

I fell into that trap before seeing the mailing list.  I managed to recover by downloading a snapshot of the live rescue CD and writing to a USB.  Booting from that, I mounted my installed system to “/mnt”.  I also bind-mounted “/dev”, “/proc” and “/sys”, in case they were  needed.  I then ran

# zypper -R /mnt dup

to complete the update that I had started.  I was, in effect, using the working “zypper” in the live rescue system to update the mounted system.  That worked pretty well, and my system was brought back to functioning order.

I’ll try not to make that mistake again.  For future updates, I’ll run “zypper” from a console login rather than an X-login.

Snapshot woes

Before trying the rescue described above, I downloaded the factory snapshot of 20140602.  My idea was to just reinstall.  I ran into a bug with that, too.  It is reported as Bug 881182.  It is reported as fixed, so I’ll test that in a future snapshot.


A few updates came through today for QT5.  I installed those.  Thinking that they might be related to the problem with the qt-version of Yast, I reinstalled “libproxy1-config-kde4”.  And it looks as if Yast software management is now working properly.



About Neil Rickert

Retired mathematician and computer scientist who dabbles in cognitive science.

One response to “Some notes on 13.2”

  1. Neil Rickert says :

    My comment about Yast was premature. It still crashes if “libproxy1-config-kde4” is installed.


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