MATE Edition of opensuse linux for education

There’s now a MATE version of the linux for education:

I am not planning to install and fully test.  But I have put it on a USB, to run as live media for light testing.

According to the announcement:

Li-f-e MATE edition came about to support schools in Gujarat, India, they needed synfig studio: a very simple to use C and Java IDE, apart from standard fare of complete office suite and other applications. Gujarat now starts teaching open(libre)office in 9th grade, and Linux operating system all the way to shell scripting in 10th, and Java, C, HTML, Javascript etc in 11th and 12 grades. This Li-f-e edition tries to get everything they need in an integrated bundle which they can use on a stand alone PC or set up LTSP server to PXE boot their entire lab without having to modify their existing setup on the client PC side.

Readers of this blog might see it as a way of taking a look at MATE with opensuse.

I copied the iso to a USB use the “dd_rescue” command.  The resulting USB is bootable in either UEFI mode or legacy MBR mode.  I booted in UEFI mode.

It booted up without difficulty.  It created a hybrid partition in the unused part of the USB where file changes can be saved.  It provides an easy to use desktop, with an easy to navigate menu system.



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Retired mathematician and computer scientist who dabbles in cognitive science.

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