A first look at opensuse 13.2

The release cycle for 13.2 began today, with an announcement of milestone 0:

This is early in the development cycle.  The final release is expected to be in November.  For the last few months, the development team have been enhancing OBS (open build service) and other tools, in preparation for work on 13.2.  Development work on 13.2 continued during that period, but no beta releases until now.

I have downloaded the distro.  I then booted a live KDE USB (64bit version).  It loaded smoothly and ran without problems on my laptop (with Intel graphics).

Some of the features mentioned in the announcement will be hard to test without first installing.  I’m not sure whether I will be installing milestone 0.  At present, the computer I use for most testing is having hardware problems, though a replacement box is on the way.




About Neil Rickert

Retired mathematician and computer scientist who dabbles in cognitive science.

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