Technology; stuff that doesn’t work

Some recent examples:

  1. Yesterday, my wife called me on my cell phone.  I never received the call.  So she left voice mail.  I didn’t receive that, either.  Fortunately, we still have a land line, and she was able to get me there.  As usual, I turned off the cell phone overnight.  When I turned it on this morning, the voice mail was waiting for me.  My best guess is that the cell network somehow lost a database entry, so lost track of my phone.
  2. After I had finished testing epiphany (web browser), I switched the default browser back to rekonq.  Then I ran into a site where rekonq hung, but konqueror seemed to work.  So I switched my KDE default browser back to konqueror — or so I thought.  But, when I loaded a page via akregator, up came “midori”.  Sigh!  To set the default to “konqueror”, I use the setting “in an application based on the content of the URL”.  That’s because it doesn’t work properly if I instead directly specify “konqueror.”  And apparently, “midori” had set itself as the application to handle text/html.  I fixed that in the File Associations settings, and finally had “konqueror” back as default browser.
  3. Arguably, the epiphany browser is a case of “stuff that doesn’t work.”  See my recent review.
  4. After starting this enumerated list, I decided to add a line before the list.  The wordpress visual editor would not allow that.  If I placed the cursor at the earliest allowable position in the edit window, that was after the “1” item.  And hitting enter just gave me a new blank “1” item, and renumbered the subsequent items.  I had to go to the text mode editor to fix the problem.

I sometimes call myself “a hi-tech Luddite.”  I use the stuff, and enjoy using it.  But I don’t trust it.  There’s always something broken.




About Neil Rickert

Retired mathematician and computer scientist who dabbles in cognitive science.

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