Tumbleweed and Nvidia don’t mix

I have been running opensuse Tumbleweed on my older desktop.  It has an Nvidia graphics card (6150LE).  So I have been installing the Nvidia drivers the hard way, which is not really all that hard.

A few days ago, when I ran Tumbleweed updates, that installed a 3.13 kernel.  On reboot with the new kernel, the graphics driver did not load.  This is expected.  So I ran the script to reinstall the Nvidia driver.

# sh /usr/local/src/NVID*.run

The updated driver seemed to build.  But then it would not load.

Checking the factory mailing list, I noticed that others were having a similar problem (with a different Nvidia card).  There was a patch to be found on the net.  But I decided that this was more effort than I was willing to put into it.  So I reinstalled 13.1, non-Tumbleweed.  I’ll leave it that way for now.

There was a similar problem with Tumbleweed in the 12.3 cycle.  However, the Nvidia build problem did not show up until relatively late in the cycle.  This time, it showed up rather early.


About Neil Rickert

Retired mathematician and computer scientist who dabbles in cognitive science.

2 responses to “Tumbleweed and Nvidia don’t mix”

  1. Saul says :

    I use 13.1 and all of my devices have nvidia graphics cards. I have been wanting to try tumbleweed and read that I would have to do hard installation frequently. This helps me just stay with 13.1. Thank you.


    • Neil Rickert says :

      After posting that, I installed Tumbleweed on a different box (Intel graphics). That was easier to manage.

      I’ve since done some test installs of the factory distribution on my nvidia box. Initially, these were throw-away test installs to an external drive. Nvidia did release updated drivers that worked with kernel 3.13, but it stopped working with kernel 3.15. Then they released another update that worked with 3.15 kernels and is now working with 3.16 kernels.

      This is okay (for me) when testing. But it is not good for a system that you want to keep running after updates.


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