Browser 2014 reviews – konqueror

I did not have to change much to try out konqueror.  I have been using it, in association with “akregator”, for reading blogs.

The good news about konqueror in opensuse 13.1 (and KDE 4.11.3), is that it is a lot more reliable than what I experienced with 12.3.  I can use konqueror for several days without it crashing.  Previously, with 12.3, it would often crash several times per day.

Flash video

I have konqueror set to load plugins (such as the flash plugin) on request.  That works pretty well.  When there is a flash video, there is a little button “load plugin” that I must click before it loads.  This is very similar to using the “flashblock” extension with firefox.  And I do use that extension.  Otherwise some of the flash in advertisements would be annoying.

I have had few crashes with this release of konqueror.  But most of the crashes have been related to the use of flash.  With some videos, it will crash if I click the “stop” button to stop playing.  On at least on test, there was no crash if I switched konqueror to automatically load plugins.  However, such crashes are rare enough that I prefer the control over running flash, even at the cost of an occasional crash.

Web engine

By default, konqueror uses the “Webkit” engine.  However, I am able to switch it to “KHTML”.  I have experimented with both, though most of my testing has been with “Webkit”.  Using “Webkit”, the spell checker does not work.  If I switch to “KHTML”, then spell checking starts working.  Unfortunatel,y, using “KHTML”, I am unable to access “” blog comments, and that is one of the places where I would like to be able to spell check.

Private browsing

As best I can tell, there is no facility for private browsing.  That’s perhaps my biggest problem with konqueror, though not actually a very big problem for me.


For the most part, konqueror seems to be compatible with most (or all) web sites.  I have only run into three “problems”:

  • if I switch to the “KHTML” engine, then I cannot access “disqus” comments;
  • when I try to read my Yahoo email, a popup suggests that I switch to the latest version of “firefox” or “safari”.  However, when I click the “continue” button, everything works fine with “konqueror”.
  • when I login to the webmail interface at work (Novell groupwise), I am told that the browser is not supported and that I should switch to a different browser.  However, if I ignore the warning and login anyway, everything works.

There might be sites that cannot handle konqueror, but I have not come across them.


I quite like konqueror.  While I still prefer “firefox”, I see konqueror as a good second choice.  Except when testing other browsers, I intend to keep using it in association with “akregator”.


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Retired mathematician and computer scientist who dabbles in cognitive science.

2 responses to “Browser 2014 reviews – konqueror”

  1. Mich says :

    A suggestion – you may want to consider adding ease of configuration into your review, eg ease of disabling java, or enabling context menu (I only know how in firefox):

    Firefox (about:config – contextmenu)
    Opera (opera:history)
    Chromium (chrome://plugins/)


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