Browser reviews — 2014

[The series of reviews is now complete.  I’ll pin this to the front page for a few days]

Last year, I reviewed a number of browsers.  That was an interesting experience, so I plan to repeat this year.

Which browsers?

I have installed all of the browsers that are readily available.  That is to say, they are in the standard opensuse repos, so I could install them without a great deal of effort.  Those are the browsers that I shall review.  For example, I plan to review “chromium” but not “chrome” since the latter is not in the standard repos.  I’ll note that “chrome” is available in an additional repo that I could add.

I use the example of “chrome” to illustrate how I am choosing browsers.

I’ll also note that I have both “lynx” and “links” installed.  But those are text browser for use from the command line.  I don’t currently plan to review those.  I treat them as special purpose.

Browser reviews 2014

Here is the list of browsers that I plan to review.  As I complete a review, I will update the list by changing the browser name into a link to its 2014 review, so as to provide convenient access.

How I shall review

My plan, as last year, will be to use the reviewed browser for a day.  I will configure the browser that I am reviewing to be my default browser in KDE.  As a result, I will automatically use it for pages loaded from “akregator”.  I will also plan to mainly use this browser for most other browsing.  However, for specialized tasks such as online banking, I will continue to use the browser that I normally use for that task.

At the end of the day, I will report on my experience with the browser.



About Neil Rickert

Retired mathematician and computer scientist who dabbles in cognitive science.

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