Opensuse 13.1 glitches

In my previous post, I indicated that I would report on any glitches.

This will be a short post.  I have installed on four different machines.  The install went as smoothly as any.

I did run into one glitch, with ecryptfs.  And that showed up on all of the installs.  When installing from the DVD (which I did, except I “burned” to a USB), you cannot directly include “ecryptfs”.  That software is in the repos, but not on the DVD.  So, technically, this was a post-install glitch.

I used Yast software manager to add ecryptfs.  After adding it, I noticed that the pam configuration had not been updated.  The result is that login does not automatically decrypt the Private directory.

The problem is easily corrected by running (as root)

# pam-config -a --ecryptfs

With that change, everything has been just about perfect.  Well, Apper is still a bit flaky, so I’ll probably turn it off.


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Retired mathematician and computer scientist who dabbles in cognitive science.

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