Opensuse 13.1 is about ready

From the factory mailing list, I see this message:

Subject: openSUSE:13.1 is locked

Further updates to 13.1 will happen through the update repo - and we
already have quite some updates pending for GA.

That’s an excerpt from the email.

To summarize, 13.1 has reached its final stage.  All that remains is to prepare the distribution media (the “iso” files), have them picked up by mirrors, and then it will be available.  In the above email, “GA” means General Availability.  The release schedule has a date of Nov. 19th for that. There are still fixes needed, but they will occur by updating your system after installing.

From all accounts, most of the software is working well.  There were 124 updates to my installed RC2 this morning, which probably brings it to the release level or perhaps beyond.

Although I probably have the GA version from those updates, I will be downloading the isos, and re-installing.  There were some install glitches for RC2, and I want to know if those have been fixed.  And if there are some remaining install glitches, I’ll hope to post about those.

All in all, I expect 13.1 to be a pretty good version.  And it is expected to be picked up by the Evergreen project, so that there will be continuing support beyond the usual period.


About Neil Rickert

Retired mathematician and computer scientist who dabbles in cognitive science.

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